Challenging Human Rights Abuses By Corporations & Governments

Pratap ChatterjeeWelcome to my website! I am a candidate for the Amnesty 2014 Board. Read my official candidate statement here. Please click on the BlogRoll and read some of my articles from the last few years. And feel free to contact me by email.

What I admire most about Amnesty is its focus on human rights for all peoples versus the narrow focus on civil liberties that has become the hallmark of much of the fight for rights and against the “War on Terror.” That is also what I believe that I bring to the AIUSA board today – where I have served for the last three years – a perspective of global human rights and perspectives from the Global South whether in Asia, Africa and South America or from within North America itself.

As a journalist, I have reported on human rights and environmental abuses around the world, notably in indigenous and minority communities. I have written several hundred news and feature stories based on my investigations and travels in over 50 countries which have been published in newspapers like the Independent, Guardian and the Financial Times of London, magazines like New Republic, New Scientist as well as in newspapers in over 40 different countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe and translated into dozens of languages from Estonian to Tamil. A number of my investigative articles have been published on the front pages of national daily newspapers in India, Guyana, Nepal, Mexico and the UK.

Yet I always feel that I have only scratched the surface and as a reporter and activist, I find that I turn constantly to organizations like Amnesty as a global clearing house of human rights information and frontline activism. And that is also why I have been honored to serve on the AIUSA board for the past three years. With your support, I hope to serve three more.


* Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting 2010, International Consortium for Investigative Journalists for Disposable Army published on ProPublica

* Investigative Reporters and Editors Certificate for Online Journalism 2010 for Disposable Army published on ProPublica

* Overseas Press Club of America Online Journalism Award 2009 for Disposable Army published on ProPublica

* Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellow; 2006

* Silver Reel, 2003, National Network of Community Broadcasters (US) for radio documentary on life after the Taliban in Afghanistan

* American Muslims Intent On Learning and Activism award for support of Muslim community in the San Francisco Bay area after September 11, 2001 events.

*  Best Business Story, National Newspaper Association (US), 2001 for coverage of Bechtel’s record of environmental problems and political influence

* Four Project Censored awards including first place in 2001 for coverage of Bechtel’s environmental problems and political influence, sixth place in 2000 for coverage of the oil rush and political influence-peddling in the Caspian Sea region, and 16th place in 1999 for Mercenaries Armies and Multinational Corporations article.

* 1999 Focus on Turtle Island Award, Marin American Indian Alliance for “Gold, Greed & Genocide”, a history of the environmental and human rights abuses of the California Gold Rush


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